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1. Fabric In The Minds Eye
2. Constructing Original Wearble Art
3. Designing and Drafting Original Wearable Art
4. Surface Design in Hawaiian Quilting
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Surface Design In Hawaiian Quilting

The Concept:

I teach this class using a pillow because it is a project that can be finished in a reasonable amount of time. The method for making a full sized quilt is the same. It is just more time consuming..

Supply List:

The supplies you will need for this class are as follows. It is enough to make one complete 26” pillow, using 45” wide cotton fabric. You may make a smaller pillow, depending on the pattern you choose. I will bring a variety of patterns to the class that you to choose from.

We will also discuss how to create original designs. You do not need a sewing machine for this class. It is all handwork.

1. A sewing kit, including scissors, pins, thread for appliqué (the color of your design) and basting thread, appliqué needles, quilting needles, thimble, etc. The odd things you need to bring that are not in your normal sewing kit are, an old teaspoon, masking tape, a 14” hoop and a bow compass (dime store variety)

2. _ of a yard each of two contrasting colors. One will be your pattern and the other will be you background .

3. 3 yards of white cotton for backing

4. 1 26” square of batting
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