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1. Fabric In The Minds Eye
2. Constructing Original Wearble Art
3. Designing and Drafting Original Wearable Art
4.Surface Design in Hawaiian Quilting
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Fabric In
The Minds Eye
"Be an explorer of new ideas"

The Concept:

The objective of the class is to create an image or idea from your mind. I have created a simple "wearable art" coat pattern to achieve this.
You will create a new piece of fabric using as many fabrics and embellishments in the project as yoiu like, but only one fabric will be the "Theme" or signature fabric. The rest will be pieces you choose as association fabrics. Select a title for your piece before you start. I like to create pieces from events in my life or a particular opinion I have on a subject.

Guidelines For Materials:

1. Exisiting ideas, patterns and processes are not cast in stone. Be an explorer of new ideas. Think outside the box and color outside of the lines.

2. There is no wrong fabric. Use cottons, satin, velvet, decorator fabrics, etc. (just be comfortable sewing with the fabrics you choose). Choose large and small scale designs. You own both sides of the fabric. Use any side that yoiu wish on the face of your garment. Think of your fabrics as ingredients for a special presentation that is uniquely you.

3. For embellishemnt use buttons, beads, old jewlery, ribbon, buts and bolts. The ideas are endless.

4. Have fun.

The Pattern:

The pattern you are going to create consists of (4) rectangles. If you wish, you may construct it out of muslin before yoiu actually make a garment. They are the back panel (1 required), the front panel (2 required, 1 lft and 1 right); the sleeve (2 required) and the front tab (1 required). The lining will be a replica of the pattern pieces. The size of the rectangels will be determined by a sizing cahrt in the instructions. The finished project will be a piece of wearable art that you can wear or display.

Supply List:

We will be working on the wall so you will need:

1. A piece of felt or flannel about 60" tall by 96" wide. Any naped fabric will work as long as your fabric will stick to it. I prefer to use felt.

2. Sewing maching in good working order.

3. Fabrics of your choice (Tha amount you need will depend on the size of your jacket and your design).

4. Sewing notions include cutting board, straigh edge, "Olfa" style cutter, pins, thread chalk markers and scissors, etc.

5. Colored pencils (if you wish to sketch ideas on the design sheet).

6. Iron and ironing surface.
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